Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Here's a Thought

Do yourself a favor and do something stupid today, or silly, or outrageous, or just make yourself laugh, anything that'll remind you of what it feels like to loose control of yourself. A shock, a jolt, a zap to the brain reminding you not to take life so seriously. It's come to my attention that I might be a little eccentric, a little out there, a little weird, and to people who know me and believe that, I challenge you to do the same.
Today, I went for a walk at 1 in the morning, and then it began to rain. I stayed in the rain for a little bit, shuffling along, hurridly making my way back to my apartment, when it occured to me that why was I so worried about being caught out in the rain. Immediately, I took off my shoes, threw off my hood, and just began to embrace the moment that I was in. I'm sure there was some judgemental soul riding around, assuming I was a hobo of some sort, but it didn't matter.
There are too many smart people out there. Too many people who've got it figured out. When really, the biggest piece of wisdom I can impart to you, is that I know enough to realize how much I don't know. This world is so vast, people are so complex, God is so big that I will not begin to let on that I've some how miraculously got the answers to everything.
Here's the deal. If you think you're a mystery your not, you're just trying too hard. You'd do yourself and everyone else a favor if you just lightened up and realized the only thing in your control is the amount of fun you allow yourself to have, so have as much as you can handle. The wisdom of man is exceedingly inept to the vastness of the universe. Here's a thought, maybe you should realize how much more foolish it would be to believe you're more wise than the fool who believes.

*I don't really know who the "you" I am referring to is, but what does it matter, go have fun regardless.