Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Listening to your Rhythm

Here's the cadence of your heart,
Beating, as my ear lays on your chest.
As I place my hand on my heart,
I sense the off-beat rhythm of blues.
Sin and shame clog the rush of blood,
It hardly has a beat of it's own.
Father, your heart races with life,
untainted and immaculate,
nothing interferes with the blood,
coarsing through your veins like water.
I look into your eyes and whisper,
"I want the rhythm of your heart."
He reaches his hand out to me,
He breathes life into my lungs,
My hand to his heart as his to mine,
Together they beat as one.
He sends me off with hope,
"In every murmer or palpatation,
Do not fret, look to me,
And I will make all things new,"