Friday, January 14, 2011

Throw it all in front of me

I've been giving much thought lately as to what I would do if God threw all the worldy things that I wanted in front of me. What would happen if everyone loved me as much as I wanted them too? What would happen if I was given the career I always thought was best for me? What would happen if I lived in the place I always thought I would settle down in? What would happen if I had the family I always dreamed of? What would happen if I fell in love with the girl I always thought I'd fall in love with?
Lord, thank you for reminding me that you're my portion. Thank you for making it clear to me that if I had all that I wanted, I would find that I was sadly decieved into believing any of it could be enough. Sometimes it scares me that the Lord might actually give me what I want. I know that the outcome would just be disappointing. A part of me would just rather settle with the fantasy of my desires. There's something comfortable about desiring the things of this world, atleast there's something comfortable to me about it. The things of this world seem more practical, if I put the works into it, I'll get it.
Lord, thank you that you are not a God of works. I believe the hope that is Jesus Christ is in the knowledge that it isn't by works that we are saved. It's by His grace. He is enough. He is sufficient. This all reminds me of those movies like the Mummy where there is this huge treasure hunt that turns into some epic quest. Only to find, that when anyone reaches the treasure it all turns to sand...Likewise, it is my fear, and my affirmation for faith, that if we got everything we wanted, we would find some way to ruin it. Find some way for that treasure to slip right through our hands.
"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." Ephesians 2:10
Lord, in you there is no darkness. In me, it's sometimes hard to find the light. My heart is where my treasure lies, and my treasure lies in the Kingdom. Father, thank you for your sovereign protection. You protect my heart, my soul from slipping away like the sand between my fingers. I find so much encouragement in the fact that in order for me to realize the beauty of desiring your will in my life, I must fully recognize the emptiness of a heart rested in worldly treasures.